Photos from Cuba

During our trip to Cuba, which you can read more about here, I did not set time aside to take photographs! I was completely in vacation mode. If we had gone to Havana then I would have for sure. Here are just a few shots of the market which was beside the resort.


IMG_4639 - Copy

Initially this building reminded me of the church from the movie Vertigo. However, since watching the movie last week I would have to disagree with myself now. Regardless, the building is beautiful and now I regret not spending more time taking closer shots. Next time…


My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Cuba. We had a lovely time at the Royalton in Cayo Santa Maria! Our resort was an adult-only, all inclusive luxury. The Royalton is a small resort, perhaps only a few hundred people could stay at a time. The result was excellent costumer service! Each hotel building (about 10 rooms) has a butler who takes care of your dinner reservations, makes sure you are happy with everything at the resort– if not he/she will be sure to fix the problem, and is always available to answer your questions. Our main butler (they switch every other day since they work 15 hour days) was Noelivis. If you ever have the opportunity to go to this resort I highly recommend you request Noelvis to take care of you! He really made me feel at home while we were there. Noelvis also planned a special anniversary dinner for my husband and I– one that we will never forget. In addition he planned special treats as the week went on; wine in the fridge, champagne on ice, a beautiful bubble bath with island flowers, etc.

We have no complaints about this resort– only that we wished Noelvis was our butler everyday!! The food was excellent, the drinks were delicious, and the weather was hot! Just the way we like it! Being a vegetarian I found that there were many options for food each night on the dinner menus. This was a big relief for me. We never went hungry– actually we were often full! Everything was so good and presentation was excellent.

A typical day consisted of my husband and I sleeping until 8 or 9, walking down to breakfast and getting immediate service. We enjoyed a hot breakfast with fresh fruit. Afterward we would get ready and head for the beach. Once at the beach a gentleman would follow us to a grass hut, brush the sand off the hotel loungers, and set them up for us under the hut. Later a bartender would come and ask us for our drink order. What more could one ask for?! Around 2 we would head back to our room, order room service for lunch (although the snack bar was also a good option) and have a nap. We’d wake up for dinner, catch a show (the Michael Jackson performance was awesome!) and spend a lot of the evening at the Piano Bar. Again, great service, great bartenders, no complaints!

The resort also has two pools, each equipped with a pool bar. Surrounding the pools are shaded lounging areas. They essentially look like classy queen size beds with curtains all around them, but the curtains are tied up to wooden posts. We liked these spots as they were in the shade and we never had trouble finding one. The pools or the beach area was never over crowded! And, just like the beach area, the pool bartenders took care of you throughout the day. You almost never needed to get up!

My parents recommended this resort to us through Anne Frank at CAA in Thorold. If you are thinking about going to Cuba this is the place to go! Call Anne!

Perry Part 3: Textures

In my previous post I commented on how I was unsure how to title this next one. I guess the main things I take away from these photos are the properties of paint and the unique textures they provide.


Perry has a number of murals, or what remains of murals, painted on the side of many buildings. Can you tell what is painted here?

IMG_4491 IMG_4489

IMG_4493My sister giggled as I got up close and personal with this next mural:


IMG_4513 IMG_4512

This was on the same wall as the Laundromat sign from Perry Part 2:


IMG_4528Before this I had never used chipping paint as a focus of my photography. However, I have to say I quite liked it, and will probably try it again!

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Perry Part 2: Signs

And now for the more artistic photographs of Perry…

As my sister and I walked through Perry various signs caught my eye:

IMG_4478 - Copy IMG_4478

This front window was so clean I was able to experiment with what is on, behind, and before the glass. What do you notice?

IMG_4487 - CopyOne of my favourites from the day. I like to see the natural, weathered look, that happens to objects.



IMG_4501IMG_4501 - CopyThese photos make me wonder what Perry was like 5…10… 20… or 50 years ago.

IMG_4526IMG_4526 - CopyFor more information behind the inspiration to these pictures please see Perry Part 1: Storytime.

For more pictures of signs see Halifax: Part 2.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of our Perry journey– AND my FAVOURITE pictures from the trip! I am not sure whether I should title it “Paint” or “Textures”

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Perry Part 1: Storytime

For years my family has been going to Letchworth State Park. On our way there we pass through the town of Perry. I have always admired the quaint little town and as a child marveled at the downtown core (as an adult I view the downtown area a little differently). On our most recent camping trip my sister and I decided to walk its streets and see all it has to offer. My main objective was to take photographs, but other things happened along the way.


First, we stopped by this great thrift shop! If you follow me on Pinterest or Twitter you may already know about my love for second-hand stores. Not only do I love a good deal, but I mostly feel good about reusing an item rather than always buying new. I try to be environmentally conscious.

Anyways, the deals at this store were great! The staff was also very friendly. We ended up purchasing three, 1000 piece puzzles for 25 cents! If ever in Perry (New York) please stop by The Community Clothes Closet and Thrift Store.

As we continued our travels I was excited to find IMG_4515a Little Free Library! It’s the first I had ever seen! I have been following Little Free Library on Twitter and always wondered where these things pop up! Well the posts are true, these mini libraries do exist and they follow the reuse and give motto.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention here, the wonderful posters outside a store that promotes animal health as well as the importance of spaying or neutering your animals. I took a picture of my favourite sign:IMG_4525

Stay tuned for the actual photographs I am proud to say I took that have more of an artist’s flare.

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Over the March Break– I know, A LONG time ago– I was stuck at home. I was unable to walk, and being only thirty years old my diagnosis (which I am embarrassed to admit) puzzled myself, family, and the doctors! I had to keep my feet up for 4 days straight; doctor’s orders. I decided to work on a puzzle that had been in our closet for years!


After I finished the puzzle I was inspired to take some photographs:




I was trying to capture the texture of the puzzle pieces along with various pieces of text.

IMG_4393The puzzle was 5000 pieces and took many many hours to complete! However, I am happy to say I am pleased with the photographs.