Newborn Photography

Before our daughter was born, I had many ambitions about taking photos of her first few days of life. I created a whole Pinterest board with ideas and poses I had planned for her. I also spent hours reading blog posts on the subject. Well,  it is safe to say, I had no idea what I was in for. Being a new mother I found it hard to find the time to eat and sleep… never mind spend time taking specific pictures!

As an experimental photographer, I felt I had failed myself. As a mother I felt guilty! In the past I have spent hours photographing buildings, plants, bridges, trees, waterfalls, food, etc. How could I not take the time to photograph my own newborn?!

It was very important for me to have images of our daughter in her first few weeks of life. I was running out of time. If I couldn’t take the photos then it was time to hire a professional!

I contacted Rachel Brencur Photography. I was lucky that she had a spot open that week! After securing an appointment, I immediately felt relieved. I proceeded to relax about pictures and get some needed rest.

Rachel was amazing with our daughter! Right from the beginning, she wanted to make sure she honoured our hopes and wishes for the session. Rachel sent me a detailed survey to help me think through what I wanted and to assist her in planning  the shoot.

I am happy to say that any of my thoughts or ideas I had from Pinterest were blown away! Rachel accomplished so much more than I could have dreamed! I was so impressed with the care and professionalism I witnessed as she took photographs of our daughter. My cheeks were sore from smiling so much during the session. Rachel is like the baby whisperer! She gently moved our daughter through various poses and wardrobe changes all without causing her any stress or discomfort. I am so grateful for the pictures we now have of our daughter that we will cherish forever.

Rachel Brencur Preview Shot.jpg

After our session I felt relieved that we had photos of our daughter in her newborn state. Since I was more relaxed, I allowed myself time to take pictures “in the moment”. My favourite kind of photography. The featured image in this post was during one of her naps. It is special to me because this is exactly how she fell asleep.


The moral of my post, hire a professional for newborn photography and work on being a mom! Knowing that “they grow up so fast”, I aim to capture many more photos as she grows. As an experimental photographer, I know I have plenty of opportunities to photograph our daughter and will refrain from putting pressure on myself.

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