Winter by the Falls

As we approach… dare I say it… Christmas, I am inclined to share some winter pictures that I love to use on holiday cards. These photographs were taken on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on an absolutely cold winter day. I may have lost feeling in my fingers but I feel these photos were totally worth it!


I took these photos a few years ago. Since then Niagara Parks has replaced all of the metal fencing. So the rustic appeal, or character of the iron bars no longer exists when you visit in person. This character is one of my favourite components of these photos.

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Ottawa in the Fall

Love the way these oak leaves have fallen on these steps. I took this photograph with my very patient friend on a walk in Ottawa. I must have taken about 20 photographs of leaves on stairs! When I think of fall I think in these colours. The way the leaves are free to land where they please warms my soul as fall is my favourite season for this reason! (Really did not mean to rhyme there).


I also have this one in black & white to highlight the textures and shadowing.

Happy Fall!

Fall in Toronto

In 2009 I was still a firm believer that black & white photography was the only elegant or stunning form of photography. I do not believe this to be the case anymore. However, the result is that these photos were taken in black & white and I do not have any files in colour. At this point in my photography journey it saddens me a little that I can’t look back on the colour that was present at the time of taking these photos. Although, I continue to take pride in the pictures that follow. I took these in the Beaches of Toronto.

2009_1030Image0129bw 2009_1030Image0130bw


On the Water

As many prepare to go to the cottage next weekend for Thanksgiving, I thought I would reflect on my last time up north.

I often think that my best photographs are those taken just before, during, or after the rain. These I took while on a camping trip with my family during a light sprinkle.


The featured image is one of my favourites and is currently used as the main picture for my Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress accounts. It reminds me of when I used to canoe with my best friend when we were teens. We had many good conversations on the canoe and often stopped to appreciate the sounds and sights of being on the lake.


I imagine these canoes have clocked many miles as present in the wear underneath this one. I would hope that those who navigated them also appreciate the joys of being outdoors as at this moment I am longing to be back on this beach.

On the water image one