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Playing with Pinterest

I have been doing some research on how to make pins more favourable on Pinterest. One recommendation is to make them long to get more repins. I was stumped on how to do this– besides taking a picture vertically! One blog suggested Pic Monkey. It is a free site where you can upload and edit your photographs. I have only just started playing with it, but here is what I have found so far.

PicMonkey Collage2

I believe Pic Collage offers many of the same features as the above pin. The main thing I wanted to do was create long pins. I was not able to achieve this is Pic Collage (although I am not an expert); but had success in Pic Monkey.

PicMonkey Collage3

I also had some fun with the text/font features and filters.

PicMonkey Collage7

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Fun in the Kitchen!

This weekend I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Thought I would make the most of it by keeping my camera handy! Lately I have been reading a lot of food blogs about photography; hoping to step up my game. I am happy to say I am proud of my work so far this weekend!  So far… because I am hoping I will have time to do more!


When I woke up this morning I knew the lighting was right in my kitchen (natural from the windows)– I’ve always had a sense about lighting and photographs. What stumped me in the past was how to take full advantage of this lighting when inside a building. I had found that sometimes the way the food lays on the counter is not the most favourable location. After reading some food blogs I have learned that it is okay to move the food! I was given ideas such as take the food to another room, put it directly in front of the window, etc. This is exactly what I did for some shots.



Thinking ahead, I was also trying to take shots that would lead to nice looking pins. (More about playing with pins in a future post). I took some photos that I wouldn’t usually take. For example, I took a shot of the recipe book I was using.


I look forward to sharing more about my food prep this weekend; hope you enjoy reading!

IMG_4191 IMG_4176 IMG_4168

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Continued Continued Inspiration to Eat Healthy

My full time job keeps me quite busy which is why my blog posts are sporadic. Last weekend I finished all my daunting paper work! To celebrate I had some fun adding quotes to my favourite healthy eating pictures. I hope you feel inspired.


IMG_3847 - Copy (2)

IMG_3152 - Copy - Copy (2)

IMG_2754 - Copy - Copy

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Continued Inspiration to Eat Healthy

To help me eat clean, I also have my own vegetable garden in the summer. I always plant a variety of tomatoes and at the end of August they look like this:

Tomato Pic 2

Tomato Pic 1

Tomato Pic 3



New Year, New Resolutions. . . Still on Track?

For the past 5 years I have tried my best to eat clean. I am not on a diet, just want better foods to be in my body. I spend a lot of time on the weekends precooking clean meals and while doing so I am often inspired to take photos. #CleanEatingIsBeautiful

Clean 4

Clean 2