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Wedding Photography

In July I had the honour of being the photographer for Mike and Melissa’s Wedding. I have to admit that I was extremely nervous about this. If you have been following my blog you know that my photography subject matter is always places, things, landscapes and the odd animal. I do not take pictures of people.

In the past I have been asked to do engagement photos. However, I had always declined. I do not take pictures of people.

I do not take pictures of people because I find it very stressful in positioning, finding poses, and keeping those involved happy during the time consuming process of getting that perfect shot! Wedding photos and engagement photos are those very special moments in life that couples keep forever. My biggest fear– I will disappoint. Therefore I do not take pictures of people.

I do not take pictures of people… until July 25, 2015.

IMG_5034 - Copy

Melissa approached me the week before the wedding with her photographer concerns. She indicated that if no one was designated to take pictures the couple’s memories may only be pictures from camera phones. Melissa’s mother, a talented photographer, had offered to take pictures. However, she is the mother-of-the-bride! She has enough to worry about never mind pictures. With these things in mind I agreed to my first wedding shoot.

The week leading up I was all over Pinterest finding poses and tips from other wedding photographers. I also played with my carmera settings a lot more than I had done in the past. The night before I had a hard time sleeping. The fear of disappointment looming over my head.

I am happy to say that everything turned out great and am glad I did this for a friend! The couple was very easy-going. They were open to some of my suggestions for poses and locations. However, they also had many of their own ideas of shots they wanted to have which helped me a lot. And, they are quite photogenic! This made my job easier.

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Mike and Melissa’s Wedding was a great experience from a photographer’s standpoint. Now, I am more likely to say yes to taking pictures of people in the future– but they would have to be as relaxed as this couple was.

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