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More Ponderings Before We Put Our Tree Away

These are some horizontal shots I took before we put our tree away this year. I am looking to make a set of 5 pictures for next year’s holiday cards. However there are way more than 5 pictures! Which ones do you think I should keep for the series?









Before We Put Our Tree Away

So I’ve been a little busy. Throughout the months of November and December I had been working on creating and selling cards for a few different charities. I am very excited about the direction Creative Cards and Photography by L. Thiessen is going and am pleased to announce that with your help we were able to raise $150.00 for Alivia’s Rainbows! Tonight I was inspired to start planning holiday cards for next year! These are the vertical shots I took.






This last one of course is inspired by our last trip to Nova Scotia.

In a few days I will post some more shots. Looking for help on narrowing down to your favourites to plan for next year.

Winter by the Falls

As we approach… dare I say it… Christmas, I am inclined to share some winter pictures that I love to use on holiday cards. These photographs were taken on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on an absolutely cold winter day. I may have lost feeling in my fingers but I feel these photos were totally worth it!


I took these photos a few years ago. Since then Niagara Parks has replaced all of the metal fencing. So the rustic appeal, or character of the iron bars no longer exists when you visit in person. This character is one of my favourite components of these photos.

This weekend I am beginning to create my stock of holiday cards! Make sure you get your order in soon so that you will have your cards ready to go by the beginning of December! Email me: creativecardsandphotography@yahoo.ca

See my Events page for pricing details.