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Halifax: Part 1

My husband and I took a trip to Nova Scotia last week. What an amazing experience! We spent all of our time along the coast at various cities. Today I will discuss part of our first stop, Halifax.

When we arrived I noticed that the air felt different. It was fresh and light. I don’t know if it was the fact that we had been in the car for 14 hours but I felt so free! The wind lightly tossed around us and I was so refreshed.

We had breakfast on the pier,


then spent the rest of the morning walking around the city taking in the sights and planning our day. We were also waiting for noon– that’s when Alexander Keith’s Brewery starts their tours!


The tour of the brewery totally blew my mind! We essentially had four tour guides with our group of about ten. These guides took us back to the 1800s, to help us understand the time and the essence of the beer. They did so in a comical and unique way; singing songs, telling stories, and teaching card games that the people of the town may have played while enjoying their beverages.


Of course, we got to enjoy a few pints! I found a liking to Keith’s Red. But I have to say, the most magical part of the whole experience was the tour guides. They were amazing actors and musicians. The women’s voices were so beautiful they made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! A truly amazing experience.

If you are ever in Halifax, the Alexander Keith’s Brewery tour is a must!

More about Halifax to come…