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Perry Part 1: Storytime

For years my family has been going to Letchworth State Park. On our way there we pass through the town of Perry. I have always admired the quaint little town and as a child marveled at the downtown core (as an adult I view the downtown area a little differently). On our most recent camping trip my sister and I decided to walk its streets and see all it has to offer. My main objective was to take photographs, but other things happened along the way.


First, we stopped by this great thrift shop! If you follow me on Pinterest or Twitter you may already know about my love for second-hand stores. Not only do I love a good deal, but I mostly feel good about reusing an item rather than always buying new. I try to be environmentally conscious.

Anyways, the deals at this store were great! The staff was also very friendly. We ended up purchasing three, 1000 piece puzzles for 25 cents! If ever in Perry (New York) please stop by The Community Clothes Closet and Thrift Store.

As we continued our travels I was excited to find IMG_4515a Little Free Library! It’s the first I had ever seen! I have been following Little Free Library on Twitter and always wondered where these things pop up! Well the posts are true, these mini libraries do exist and they follow the reuse and give motto.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention here, the wonderful posters outside a store that promotes animal health as well as the importance of spaying or neutering your animals. I took a picture of my favourite sign:IMG_4525

Stay tuned for the actual photographs I am proud to say I took that have more of an artist’s flare.

Thanks for reading!


Who Wore it Best?

Another fun Friday evening where have the time and get to enjoy playing with my photographs. Tonight I needed some inspiration– and all sorts! I decided to use these three quotes with the same photograph. Which quote do you think suits this photo the best?

IMG_2998 - Copy (3)

IMG_2998 - Copy

Look Deep into Nature

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Let’s Play Football. . .?

Ok, so these images have nothing to do with football.  However, game day inspired me to post them.

I took these pictures in the Recreation Centre at Letchworth State Park.

Let's Play 3

Let's Play 2

Let's Play 1

In the past I have used these photos for birthday invitations and birthday cards. I have also used them as thank you cards especially when teamwork was involved.

Interested in ordering some? Contact: creativecardsandphotography@yahoo.ca