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Peggy’s Cove

Like many travelers in Nova Scotia, we made sure to stop in Peggy’s Cove. It is a very homey village where I will be sure to visit again!

We parked our car at the Traveler’s Centre and walked into the town. As we made our way along the side of the road I couldn’t help but stop and take pictures of everything! Here is where I have to admit I have a great husband who continues to support me even though he does not share my love of photography. I should clarify here that he loves my photographs, but doesn’t enjoy standing around while I spend 10 minutes taking 30 pictures of the same thing! Here is one example:


After my obsession with lobster traps we continued to make our way toward the famous lighthouse; stopping to take more pictures. . .



. . . and visiting shops along the way.

IMG_3553 - Copy (2) - Copy

I fancy this one in B&W and in colour!

IMG_3553 - Copy (2)

We finally made it to Peggy’s Point Lighthouse:

IMG_3569 - Copy IMG_3570 IMG_3575

When we go back to Nova Scotia (in the far distant future) I would like to spend a few days just in Peggy’s Cove so that I can take more photographs at different points of the day therefore trying different lighting and angles. In these shots I am trying to avoid the other hundreds of people who are also enjoying this sight with me.

Before we left for the day we made sure to stop by Dee Dee’s Ice Cream Shop. We could smell the scent of freshly made waffle cones from the street! I enjoyed some maple walnut ice cream which reminds me of my late opa. My husband had a local berry flavour. Both were delicious! It was nice to sit on a nearby bench and enjoy our ice cream amongst the beautiful scenery.

Peggy’s Cove is a must-see for any traveler! I look forward to sharing more pictures in my next post!


During our stay in Nova Scotia we spent a day in Old Town Lunenburg which is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is such a lovely place. The streets are lined with one-of-a-kind shops and Lunenburg has its own harbour.

While in Lunenburg we made sure to visit the Bluenose ll

IMG_3493 - Copy

However, due to repairs we could not board her.

We did some shopping


I loved the many shops owned by local artists, it was really something to see.

I felt very inspired to take photographs of doors while we were there as each shop entrance was lovely and unique. Unfortunately I don’t have any shots that I am proud to share, but I believe it was inspiration enough for an upcoming project–stay tuned!


Naturally we had a seafood lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water; The Dockside Inn & Restaurant. We both loved their fish and chips!

We were sad to leave but had to be on our way to our next stop… Peggy’s Cove!