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Over the March Break– I know, A LONG time ago– I was stuck at home. I was unable to walk, and being only thirty years old my diagnosis (which I am embarrassed to admit) puzzled myself, family, and the doctors! I had to keep my feet up for 4 days straight; doctor’s orders. I decided to work on a puzzle that had been in our closet for years!


After I finished the puzzle I was inspired to take some photographs:




I was trying to capture the texture of the puzzle pieces along with various pieces of text.

IMG_4393The puzzle was 5000 pieces and took many many hours to complete! However, I am happy to say I am pleased with the photographs.

Continued Continued Inspiration to Eat Healthy

My full time job keeps me quite busy which is why my blog posts are sporadic. Last weekend I finished all my daunting paper work! To celebrate I had some fun adding quotes to my favourite healthy eating pictures. I hope you feel inspired.


IMG_3847 - Copy (2)

IMG_3152 - Copy - Copy (2)

IMG_2754 - Copy - Copy

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